Relationship Counselling SkillsS.I.A.F. Accredited

This 3-part course is offered for graduates of WWP. One of the primary arenas from which people seek help is regarding issues that arise in relating.

We live in a time where there is a big shift in consciousness which affects many aspects of our lives, including how we relate. This is seen in all forms of relating, in families, societies, communities, schools, the work place, between men and women, between women and women and men and men. Many values which have traditionally governed patterns of relationships are being challenged and changed. What was unacceptable in the past is now often the norm. It is a time of great discovery, reevaluation and evolution.

Relationships can give the most profound reflection and insight into our inner world once their intrinsic challenges are embraced, understood and integrated.

Part of being a counselor is to be aware of and able to work with those issues.

In this training, we will be doing deep personal exploration, as well as offering tools, skills and understanding of relationship dynamics.

Each part will focus on specific areas of relationship and participants will give and receive sessions daily.

Part one: Counseling Tools and Skills in the Relational Field

Basic Counseling Skills in relationship sessions including:
Working with disowned parts of the personality; working with projections and the shadow; working with the inner wounded child and the inner critic; understanding and working with object relations theory; learning how to work with the dynamics of the relational field between two people.

Part two: Attachment and Relating Patterns

Understanding the development of early life attachment patterns. Learning how to repair the early loss of safe attachments by creating a balance between safety and expansion; learning how to facilitate honest and open communication in relationships. Understanding that any relating is a mutual opportunity to grow.

Part three: Dynamics of Masculine and Feminine in Relating

This section will use a Jungian approach to understanding masculine and feminine archetypes and how they play out in our relationships and influence every aspect of our lives. We will learn how to work with these often hidden parts, bring them out of the shadow and allow them to be integrated positively. A new way of relating to yourself and to others becomes possible.

Part 1 Counseling Tools and Skills in the Relational Field
When: 21st – 25th, June 2017
Part 2 Attachment and Relating Patterns
When: 19th – 24th, September 2017
Part 3 Dynamics of Masculine and Feminine in Relating
When: 17th – 22nd, October 2017

Training costs
3 Module (17 days)
Early Bird €2665 by 25th March, 2017
Full Price €2890