Refinement: Deepening Skills of Integrative Counseling

This 3-part Advanced Working with People Training will recognize, address and open some very important Essential dimensions that will deepen the tools and skills of the counselor as well as support more presence of Being in sessions:

  • Integrating Inner Guidance and Intuition
  • True Individuality, Self-worth and Value
  • The Human Counselor - Contact and Vulnerability

All of these, when understood, practiced and embodied, have a profound impact on how we lead our lives and greatly enhance the capacity to be an effective spiritual and psychological counselor. Teachings will be in alignment with the work done in Working with People Training. They will provide the opportunity for powerful inner transformational work as well as to learn a new array of skillful means to work with relevant issues in the counseling situation.

Part 1. The True Friend:
The Embodiment of Guidance and Intuition

One of the key tenets of all Humanistically-based psychology is the understanding that counseling work is meant to help facilitate the client’s own intrinsic capacity to heal, regulate and self-realize themselves. This is accomplished by working with them in a way that supports them to connect to, optimize and actualize their connection with what we call Inner Guidance. This becomes an essential part of the basic ground of working with people. To do this, the counselor needs to understand, embody and resonate with the dimension of Inner Guidance and in that, be highly attuned to their own personal inner world.

Inner Guidance can be referred to as the “True Friend” and the feeling of it is like being in the hands of a genuine and wise presence that knows and can reveal the Truth. On the path to this inner jewel of objectivity we need to recognize and let go of many internalized images of friends, parents, teachers and gurus as well as systems of knowledge and belief. This is the part of our Essence that ultimately replaces the Super Ego and brings us True Guidance based on Being rather than strategies and control for ego survival.

This section of Working with People supports us to have a deep trust in our inner sense of Guidance which is objective, precise and in the service of Truth. The more this is realized and embodied, the more it will bring intuition, and even more, revelation and insights that are oriented towards Truth. If the teacher or counselor doesn’t recognize and adhere to Guidance, the Ego identity takes over, diminishing depth, obscuring clarity and distorting the truth. Working with People counselors need to recognize and be grounded in this aspect of Being in order to truly facilitate deep transformation.

This section will teach:

  • Embodying and trusting your own intuition
  • The embodiment of the “True Friend”
  • A deep understanding of objective inquiry
  • Trusting Intuition versus Superego advice
  • Recognizing Inner Guidance
  • Recognition and understanding of Revelation
  • Developing trust that truth is your friend
  • How inner guidance is appropriately applied in sessions
  • A deeper grounding practice for sessions
  • The art of listening and responding
  • Developing a spiritual practice which supports and integrates Guidance
  • Deeper understanding of ego structures and Essence

The Diamond Guidance is one of Being’s greatest gifts to the human soul. When it descends into our consciousness, this living presence gives us access to the magnificent depth and richness of the spiritual life. It guides our journey of inner awakening. It reveals to us the true meaning of our experience. It aligns us with our potential for Clarity, Peace, Joy, and all the essential qualities of Being. And as we integrate this wisdom of the Diamond Guidance, we come to understand our true home in the larger unfolding of all creation. 

A.H. Almaas
Spacecruiser Inquiry, p. 235

Part 2 - The Wounded Healer:
Issues of Self Worth, Inner Value and Narcissism

“Freud himself accepted my suggestion that every doctor should submit to a training analysis before interesting himself in the unconscious of his patients for therapeutic purposes…. We could say, without too much exaggeration, that a good half of every treatment that probes at all deeply consists in the doctor’s examining himself, for only what he can put right in himelf can he hope to put right in the patient. This, and nothing else, is the meaning of the Greek myth of the wounded physician.”

~ C.G.JUNG Collected Works, Vol. 16, p.115-116

In this part of the training we will deal with essential understanding of our true individuality. Hidden in the depths of our Ego is a memory of what we once were, a shining star full of light, love and brilliancy. As we grew up, we painfully lost that connection. We were reduced from that divinity to the restricted limitations of our Ego. When we are cut off from Inner Light we feel lonely, isolated and alienated from the world. We lose our sense of value and self worth.

Especially in working with people it is important to have a deep understanding of your own inner sense of value. Often as counsellors, our inner self worth and value is dependent on the outside and on the client’s evaluations and responses. Consequently with that response of the outer reflection, our inner sense of self worth and value rises or falls. We lose our connection to our essential nature. This often triggers one of our deepest wounds, known as the narcissistic wound, or the need to be seen and recognized for who we truly are. This is a wound which brings up tremendous shame, rage, emptiness and a loss of value and preciousness. We typically compensate for this emptiness by being grandiose, mediocre and/or unworthy. It is essential when working with people to have awareness of our own narcissism so that it doesn’t interfere with the healing process of the client. Most people are not aware of their narcissistic behaviour and how it plays out in their lives. It is absolutely essential for a teacher and/or counsellor to bring awareness to these issues as they will otherwise be acted out unconsciously in the therapeutic process.

“When you are who you are, when you are just precisely yourself, you are your "point." Just that. This has nothing to do with any qualities, functions, capacities, and skills you may have. It has nothing to do with your status in the world, and nothing to do with living this life in a body or not in a body. It is your nature”

A.H. Almaas

We will work with dyads and meditations that provide the space for deep personal inquiry. This training will be held in an atmosphere of safety and respect. You can expect a very profound and meaningful inner journey of discovery and revelations while learning new tools for working with people, such as:

  • Inner confidence
  • Working with shame and self worth
  • Being a non judgmental listener
  • Heartfelt presence
  • Repairing aspect of session and the work
  • Understanding of Ego Structure and Essence
  • Natural creativity, sense of self worth and meaning
  • Deep sense of compassion for yourself and others
  • Self Love and acceptance
  • Understanding narcissism
  • Facing the narcissistic wound
  • Working with the shadow side of a counsellor
  • How the shadow of the counsellor influences the session
  • How to work with your inner wounds and learn to use them to deepen your own field of healing and transformation.
  • Intergenerational wounds and their possible effects and healings

Part 3.: The Human Counselor:
Working from Contact and Vulnerability

Through a process of development, growth and expansion a point of maturation eventually comes to the inner work. This happens when one’s personal and unique manifestation of Essence emerges and becomes embodied which happens gradually as part of maturation in Being. This profound state is known as the Personal Essence or the Essential Personality.

The Personal aspect of Essence is central for many important reasons. It is actually the true Essential Personality. It is the person. It is experienced as being oneself. When the individual finally perceives it, the contented expression often is "but this is me!" The sense is of oneself as a Precious Being. There is then a fullness, a completeness, and a contentment. It is as if the individual feels full and complete, realized. Nothing is lacking. No more search, no desire or wanting anything else. The person feels "now I have myself. I am a complete individual. I am full. I am fullness. I am complete. I want nothing else."

A. H. Almaas, Essence

It does not mean that every issue is resolved but that there is a deep remembering of and resourcing in one’s own True Nature. This makes the gestalt of inner work smooth, relaxed and relatively effortless. It comes with the feeling of being very close to oneself in a very personal and human way. It is a place where we feel in touch with our own substance, depth and soul and from that place our personal uniqueness emerges in a very human and authentic way.
When the state of the Personal Essence is realized the capacity to respond to a client in a counselling or group setting shifts into another dimension that has as its primary quality the capacity of True Contact. True personal contact arises in the most human way as an expression of Being that can and does touch the Being of the other. When we are in the ego, the personality is a barrier between us and the other person. Some place in the heart of the other is left untouched as there is no real personal meeting. It is this state of personal human contact that establishes trust and from that place true healing, recognition and awakening can happen.
In this section we will work with discovering and embodying the Personal Essence through inquiry, teachings and the development of new counselling tools:

  • Autonomy and True Individuality
  • Object relations Theory and methods of dis-identification from old self images
  • How to use object relations in sessions
  • Authenticity in communication
  • The Contact and Vulnerability of Being Real
  • Contactfulness in the session
  • Understanding and working with Ego Deficiency
  • Recognition and Embodiment of your Essential Personality
  • Being Human

Part 1: Living Guidance
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Part 2: Point of Light – A Living Ocean of Brilliancy. Realising your True Individuality
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Part 3: The Essential Personality
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