Depth and Application of the Lataif System

This is a 6-day Advanced Training for anyone that has done the Basic one-year Training in Working With People and wants to deepen their skills, understanding and at the same time learn more tools for giving sessions.

In these days we will review the different colours, their essential qualities, their developmental aspects and how to integrate their challenges. We will explore how to work with each Latifa and learn how to use that orientation effectively in counselling sessions.

Each day will entail in-depth experience and understanding of this profound inner map. We will teach and demonstrate how the issues relate to our body armour, nervous system, personal history, character structure and energetic patterns of behaviour. We will teach how to integrate that understanding in normal sessions.

Rafia and I both love and value this profound map of understanding and use it very often as inner guidance in our work with clients.

We are very happy to welcome you in these 6 days.

Depth and Application of the Lataif System
When: 2nd – 7th, October 2018

Training costs
1 Module (6 days)
Early Bird €945 by 20th June, 2018
Full Price €1025