Both Rafia & Turiya, over the last 35 years, have been trained in a multitude of therapeutic modalities. For a great part of that time they also received personal guidance and life-training from an enlightened master, which has given them a deep understanding and great sensitivity to the powerful, yet subtle inter-relatedness of psychological issues and the realisation of our true spiritual nature of Being. Spiritual practices, though essential for transformation, nevertheless often bypass and thus fail to transform our conditioned patterns of behaviour and the unconscious identities that arise from our personal history. The process of awakening or realisation can also be called the maturation of the human being. The first step of this maturation is the realisation of Being in its various aspects and dimensions. The second part is of actualising the awakened state into the everyday life of the human Being.

In our experience, only when we bring psychological and spiritual work together is true transformation possible. This synthesis truly enhances deep and lasting growth. With this approach we discover that every emotional and psychological issue is actually a potential doorway to grounded and embodied awakening. Conversely, spiritual experiences of our True Nature give insight into and freedom from the way our personality structure habitually functions. This approach brings the emergence of the relaxed human being that lives and participates fully in this world through a perception of awakened consciousness….a person which is in the world and yet is not of it. Thus true awakening needs psychology and true psychology needs the recognition of awakened consciousness for real transformation and integration to happen.