I really loved to be in that training and I can tell you that I’m not easily impressed. I felt a real friendliness from Rafia and Turiya in their way of teaching and eagerness to pass on their knowledge and their love of the work. And a real friendliness and desire to learn and to experiment from everyone participating (myself included)
I was looking forward to meet everyone again and to receive and be open to what would come in the next module. It was refreshing even though I did quite a lot of trainings and work already.
I experienced myself in a different way, moved out of my box and along the way healed some old wounds.
It gave me space and inspiration.

~ R. Bossot
Counsellor & Body Worker

Working With People has really helped me in trusting my own abilities; as a person, a therapist and as a partner. To work so closely with such a large group of people that are all dedicated to the same thing - the Love of Truth - has changed my old habits of relating in a profound way. The intensive session-work has been like a spring-cleaning inside!
I feel very open and sensitive. I can just be myself, and that is fine. Wow! Very happy I did this training.

~ Lotta Lagerström Dyrssen

I found the WWP training a wonderful course. I had come to a point in my life where I had decided that I wanted to do something more meaningful, but did not know exactly what it will be. WWP has provided me with a rich and fertile ground on which to let whatever is to come, to grow. Before it, I knew I wanted to do it, afterwards I was deeply thankful that I have!

~ Nigel Chorley
Software Developer

I expected to come away from Working with People with new techniques in my toolkit for giving private and group sessions. What I didn't expect, and what was a gift of such depth that I couldn't have known what it would mean, was my own personal transformation. Going deep into Essence, profoundly changed the way I perceive and care for myself, and thus, those around me.
What I have integrated from this training is far more valuable than a few new tools; this is being with people in a totally new way.

~ LeAnn Eriksson