Working with People: A Psychology of Awakening

Foundational Training Course

“In these twenty-five centuries man has become so burdened with rubbish, so many wild weeds have grown in his being that I am using therapy just to clean the ground, take away the wild weeds, the roots, so the difference between the ancient man and the modern man is destroyed. The modern man has to be made as innocent as the ancient man, as simple, as natural. He has lost all these great qualities. The therapist has to help him ? but his work is only a preparation. It is not the end. The end part is going to be the meditation.” ~ Osho

Working with People, our foundational training course, is a unique approach that creates a bridge between the individual as seen through the understandings of Western Humanistic Psychology and approaches to spiritual awakening with origins in various middle eastern and eastern traditions.

In the training we will teach a foundation of understanding and self-experiencing for those wanting to work with people in a truly effective way. Our perspective is that in order to actually be able to help others we must also work to heal ourselves, understand our own personal psychodynamics and have a committed spiritual practice that deepens the connection to our own Being.

In this 6-part educational training we will learn to discover and embody different dimensions of our Being. The subjects of those parts represent some essential aspects of ourselves, which enable us to be able to support profound transformation in others and ourselves.

In each day there will be: teaching on a particular subject, doing direct self-exploration work in a therapeutic setting, having session exchanges under supervision, experiencing meditations and teachings of specific tools for working with people.

This training is EU recognized and accredited towards being qualified as a Holistic Counselor through S.I.A.F. For detailed information on the accreditation process read the Accreditation FAQ on this site.

“Man’s main task in life is to give birth to himself, to
become what he potentially is”
~ Erich Fromm

Daily Schedule

10.00 am - 1.30 pm: Group Session
1.30 pm - 3.00 pm: Lunch and Rest
3.00 pm - 7.00 pm: Group Session

Evenings generally are off though at times there will be homework, self- inquiry sessions and meditations offered

Study time during and outside of the course will vary by individual. During the course, evenings may include teachings, inquiry sessions, educational movies, and meditation, and at times there is homework. After each module there is some study to be done at home, including essay writing, working with an inquiry partner, and practicing of sessions, but the amount of time dedicated will be dependent on the student.

Part One:

The Art of Being Present — The Embodied State of Objective Perception and Inner Guidance
Turiya & Rafia

Being present indicates an inner state, which is capable of recognizing reality as it is rather than perceiving it through the filters and prejudices of our past conditionings and stories. We need this capacity, along with sensitivity to inner guidance and a connection to our own personal wisdom, to effectively work with people. Presence arises through the capacity of non-reactivity to whatever is occurring in the moment. This capacity arises out of a presence that is grounded in awareness of our body, mind and heart. This awareness is developed through the practice of meditation and by having passionate interest and curiosity to inquire into ourselves and others.

Cultivating the capacity to remain in objective presence in therapeutic situations is to learn to work from the space of clarity and delicate awareness that is not run by preferences, prejudices, identification or personal self-images. Orienting ourselves to the Love of Truth awakens Inner Guidance in a way which reveals many riches on the personal level and in our work with people.

The great awareness comes slowly, piece by piece. The path of spiritual growth is a path of lifelong learning. The experience of spiritual power is basically a joyful one.
~ M. Scott Peck

Awareness is the greatest alchemy there is. Just go on becoming more and more aware, and you will find your life changing for the better in every possible dimension. It will bring great fulfillment.
~ Osho

Part Two:

Relaxed Confidence – The Psychology and Embodiment of Support

Support, experienced as an inner quality and as the capacity to appropriately support others is a very important aspect of Working with People. Relaxed confidence is a state of Being that arises when we have a good relation to and understanding of the issues around support. Most of us did not receive support, good mirroring and guidance when we were growing up and as a result we often feel tense, ungrounded and unsure of ourselves…..which then can give rise to a pushy, driven personality which efforts rather than trust that the answers and capacities needed to face the challenges of life will arise from within. When we truly see and understand how to evoke inner support we can start to welcome opportunities to face performance anxiety and the lack of grounded solidity….which leads to developed centeredness in our body, heart and mind. This understanding and the capacity to stay present when facing deficiencies brings a radical and profound inner shift from effort to relaxation.

In order to work with people it is necessary to be able to remain relaxed, grounded and centered when clients go through difficult inner work without trying to “fix” them. The safety such presence offers makes it possible for people to trust themselves and reconnect with their own deeper resources while engaging their own intrinsic natural impulses and wisdom for their healing.

This section looks deeply into the issues around support and teaches an approach to invoking relaxed confidence in the midst of life’s most challenging situations.

If your consciousness is clean, pure, innocent, the moment is not far away when you will explode into a luminous splendor. That’s what is known as enlightenment, or awakening, or selfrealization.
~ Osho

Part Three:

Embodiment of Courage and Individuality

We all want to embody courage and assertiveness in our work and in our lives. We all want to be able to standalone in this world.

In this part of the training we will look at what enables us to develop self-confidence and courage in our work and livelihoods.

So much of ourselves is compromised by trying to fulfill others expectations - which causes us to sellout our individual integrity and lose respect for ourselves.

To live a life full of self-confidence, we need courage and strength. This strength arises from our capacity to separate and individuate. This means separation from our ideas, concepts, images, life stories and old identifications. Once we are able to recognize what is not my true Being, we can actually separate from the false and slowly learn to realize our own personal, individual essence. Understanding and experiencing this form of separation, gives us a profound sense of meaning and self-esteem, as well as the strength and the stamina to confront difficult issues. Especially, as a therapist we need this aspect of strength and courage in order to face challenging issues both in our lives and in working with people.

People live and go on missing life. It needs courage. It needs courage to be realistic, it needs courage to move with life wherever it leads, because the paths are uncharted, there exists no map. One has to go into the unknown. Life can be understood only if you are ready to go into the unknown. If you cling to the known, you cling to the mind, and the mind is not life. Life is nonmental, non-intellectual, because life is total.
~ Osho

Part Four:

Embodiment of Power – Issues, Obstacles and Realization

Power is a natural capacity of the human being. However, most of us are out of alignment with our True Power as we have not faced shadow parts of ourselves we have denied, repressed or split off from. To bring Power into its deepest potential where we are peacefully relaxed with it, we need to look and recognize without judgment the sources and history of our own negativity. Once we become responsibly aware of our negativity and withdraw our projections of it we are capable of having immense power without the danger of abusing it.

True Power is in the service of Truth and Peace and once it is connected to, we are able to be real instruments of transformation in working with people. True Power works to compassionately challenge and remove the false in any situation. This is an essential aspect in working with people.

This part will be powerfully liberating as we gently and compassionately resource ourselves in this essential aspect.

“...nobody can stand truth if it is told to him. Truth can be tolerated only if you discover it yourself because then, the pride of discovery makes the truth palatable.”
~ Fritz Perls

“To confront a person with his shadow is to show him his own light.”
~ Carl Jung

Part Five:

Embodiment of True Compassion and Loving Kindness

Most of us haven’t learned how to be compassionate and kind towards ourselves. We often learned to be efficiently perfect or self- sacrificing pleasing, but rarely did we experience true compassion in our childhood. Compassion and patience are the innate qualities to every human being, these qualities when utilized, become the essential embodiment for every therapist.

Especially as therapists, we are often caught in the ‘helper syndrome’, feeling that I only have worth and value when I help others, which can lead to overrunning our boundaries by being endlessly available to the client. True compassion has to start first with self-respect and learning to be kind to our bodies, hearts and minds.

False compassion often gets expressed through a filter of guilt and shame. To be able to embody true compassion we have to overcome collective beliefs and concepts about what it means to really help somebody and what it means to be in service. This can only happen, once we learned how to be kind, not only to ourselves, but also to life’s challenges.

Compassion is a very essential tool for every therapist. Only through embodying true compassion towards ourselves can we really be patient and supportive with the client in their growth and transformation.

Part Six:

Curiosity, Joy and Responsibility - The Natural Consequence of Being Real
Turiya & Rafia

It is natural for the human being to want to be happy and joyful. However, Joy cannot be directly created as it is a result or natural consequence of openness related to the heart; if the heart is free to function there is natural celebration, innocence and an innate sense of curiosity.

As a counselor it is profoundly important to be connected to an inner sense of joyful curiosity with both yourself and with clients. This naturally happens when we are curious about the truth, relaxed and confident that presence itself will create the right conditions for the guidance that is needed.

While many qualities are needed to work effectively with clients, without a connection to your own inner light-hearted joy, working with people can become a heavy burden, which becomes draining and exhausting rather than a delightful, nourishing discovery of our Essence.

In this last section of Basic Counseling Skills we will cover:

  • how to work with major existential life changes and endings that are a natural part of life
  • how to work with discriminating between loyalty to Being versus loyalty to ego
  • how to work with identity issues such as attachment to self images, emotional patterns and ego defenses
  • keys for transforming depression, despair and hopelessness into true joy and happiness
  • nourishing yourself during a session
  • the responsibility and integrity of a counselor (personal ethics)

So openness is the basis of inquiry, but love expressed as curiosity specifically invites the Diamond Guidance. This active edge of openness is needed for the truth to be revealed. Then there is joy, curiosity, a happy excitement to find out. The not-knowing becomes the beginning of adventure. And because you don’t know, it is more exciting. Joy is in the whole process, and the excitement of life intensifies. The soul is turned on to exploring the mystery, and it is curiosity that engages...

Spacecruiser Inquiry, p. 259

Content of Learning and Methods

In addition to the above this course will also teach and give supervision about:

  • basic tools for a therapist to work in objective presence
  • understanding and cultivating Essential states
  • unfolding inner guidance
  • meditation and prayer as part of the therapeutic environment
  • the function and capacity of the heart in therapy
  • awareness of three basic centers in the body: belly, heart and head
  • developing and trusting intuition
  • spiritually based counselling
  • healing techniques
  • boundaries and structure in a therapeutic setting
  • work with projections and transference
  • basic orientation towards working with trauma
  • ethical guidelines in therapeutic work

Basic Structure

  • Each part deepens new learning contents and embodiments of Essence
  • Practical Learning’s through working on your own issues, demo sessions
  • Giving sessions under supervision

Prerequisites and understanding for participation

This course is a deep synthesis of learning techniques, receiving knowledge and information, practicing as a counsellor while at the same time having an equal emphasis on cultivating and embodying deep inner states of Being. Participants will need to have, as well as a desire to develop skills in working with people, a deep commitment to their own transformation and inner development.

The training is aimed at people who are working in the field of psychiatry, psychology, psychotherapy or in the fields of social work, counseling, therapy, coaching, yoga, health care, body or energy work, who are teaching psychology, meditation or spirituality, or those who simply have a longing to learn more about themselves, from both an Eastern psychology and Western mindfulness perspective. We welcome anyone with an interest in working with people, and deepening their understanding of themselves. All applications are reviewed carefully to determine a person’s suitability for the course.

For more information on the S.I.A.F. accredited Holistic Counsellor and/or Holistic Operator program, please click here.

Module 1 : The Art of Being Present – The Embodiment State of Objective Perception and Inner Guidance
When: April 10th starting at 10am to April 15th 2018 with Rafia and Turiya

Module 2: Relaxed Confidence: The Psychology and Embodiment of Support
When: May 16th starting at 10am to May 20st 2018 with Rafia

Module 3: Embodiment of Courage and Individuality
When: June 19th starting at 10am to June 24th 2018 with Turiya

Module 4: Embodiment of Power – Issues, Obstacles and Realization
When: Sept 11th starting at 10am to Sept 16th 2018 with Rafia

Module 5: Embodiment of True Compassion and Loving Kindness
When: Oct 24th starting at 10am to 28th 2018 with Turiya

Module 6: Curiosity, Joy and Responsibility — The Natural Consequence of Being Real
When: April 24th starting at 10am to April 28th 2019 with Rafia and Turiya

Training costs

6 Modules (33 days)

Early Bird €4680 Jan 20th 2018
Full Price €4950

Upon completion of all 6 modules, as well as a minimum of 3 individual coaching sessions with one of our certified coaches, students will receive a Certificate of Completion for the training. Please note that individual session fees will be charged separately and can be booked during the training at a time convenient for you.

Working with People – A Psychology of Awakening is accepting applications from people with a passion for awakening, a passion to live fully and a passion to work with others in an authentic and responsible way.

To apply or request more information, please write to

"And once you know how to slip out of your mind, a totally different psychology will be founded on the art of slipping out of the mind. A person who can get out of his mind helps the mind to cool down. The mind is getting no more energy – it cools, calms down on its own accord. That’s why I have said meditation is a medicine too – and both words come from the same root.

Once your intelligence and your innocence are available to you, just you.

I have called the psychology that is based on meditation the Psychology of the Buddha’s. Modern psychology is the psychology of people who are asleep." ~Osho


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